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1 - Top Deck Euro Tour 2000
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Photo Album 1
Dave & South African Top Deckers, Strauss & Cronje at the 'Top of Europe' - Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Photo Album 2
Strauss & Dave explore the tunnels of the Ice Palace
Photo Album 3
Dave & Cronje in a snowstorm at the top of Jungfraujoch
Photo Album 4
All the Top Deckers gather around for a family photo ;-)
Photo Album 5
Okay, we're in Paris... We've just got to try the local
cuisine... Um, well the Frog's Legs tasted a little bit
like chicken, but the Snails were a tad dodgy ;-)!
Photo Album 6
The Mexican Top Deckers at the Colosseum in Rome
Photo Album 7
Johann, Eleanor, Cronje, & Strauss in front of a fountain in Rome (not the Trevi)... Um, there was a good
McDonalds just opposite if that helps any? ;-)
Photo Album 8
Don't Feed the Pigeons ;-)
Josh and Dave in St Mark's Square, Venice
Photo Album 9
A quiet little Mountain town...
Dave in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Photo Album 10
Cronje & Dave somewhere between Switzerland & Italy
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