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Appel Farm Camp Photos
Summer 1999
Gallery #2: Camplife 2

Gallery 1: Camplife 1

* Gallery 2: Camplife 2

* Gallery 3: Let's Eat!

* Gallery 4: Stafflife 1

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Camplife #1
Peace & Love come to Appel Farm...
Sam, Shae, Bill, & Scotty show off
their tie-died masterpieces
Camplife #2
"Slam it to the right, Shake it to the front"
The lads in Spice Girls mode
Camplife #3
Oh, well that's just great...
Now they decide to make a noise!
Leisa & Dave at our Choir class breakup
Camplife #4
'S Club 8' rehearse their latest
smash hit on the back field
Camplife #5
My co-counselor Jimbo and our gang
from Session One... (We had 2 more campers, but they were sent home
before this photo was taken! ;-)
Camplife #6
My 2nd Session gang, with co-counselor
(& Assistant Camp Director) Jeff
Camplife #7
"Okay, now we're all settled...
Did anyone bring the picnic hamper?!"
Camplife #8
"What's that? Two hours in a bus with 50
hyper kids?! - Of course we're happy!"
- Darinka & Kathy on 'Beach Day'
Camplife #9
Bizarre camp rules  ;-(  Danny gets sent home just one day before camp ends...
(Steve checks their food's not going too)
Camplife #10
"Honestly!...It was this big!"
- Yoni tells Heidi & Ali a fishy tale...
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Gallery 2: Camplife 2
Gallery #2: Camplife 2