Sliders TV Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

1. Pilot (Part One)
2. Pilot (Part Two)
3. Fever
4. Last Days
5. The Prince of Wails
6. Summer of Love
7 . Eggheads
8. The Weaker Sex
9. The King is Back
10 . Luck of the Draw
11. Into the Mystic
12. Love Gods
13. Gillian of the Spirits
14. The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
15. El Sid
16. Time Again and World
17. In Dino Veritas
18. Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome
19. Obsession
20. Greatfellas
21. The Young and the Relentless
22. Invasion
23. As Time Goes By

Sliders DVDs - Seasons One and Two of the classic TV series on DVD

The first two seasons of cult FOX TV series Sliders (later contined on the Sci Fi Channel) are now available on DVD!

This six-disc DVD set features Sliders' ten episodes (including the pilot) from 1995's Season One, plus the thirteen episodes from Season Two (1996).

Jerry O'Connell plays a college student who accidentally discovers a wormhole into alternate worlds (or parallel Earths), including one where the United States is still ruled by Britain, one where dinosaurs inhabit a national park, and one where America is under Communism.

Accompanying O'Connell (Quinn Mallory) on his travels - or slides - are John Rhys-Davies (Professor Arturo) Sabrina Lloyd (Wade), and Cleavant Derricks (soul singer, Rembrandt).

The four Sliders are stranded in a parallel San Francisco, after Quinn's first test trip goes awry.  Now they must travel from one alternate world to another in the hope of one day finding their way home again.

The Sliders DVD set (6 discs) also includes a special commentary about the TV pilot episode, by co-creators Tracy Torme and Robert, a New “Making of Sliders” featurette, & photo gallery.

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Sliders TV Seasons 3 on DVD

1. Rules Of The Game
2. Double Cross
3. Electric Twister Acid Tes
4. The Guardian
5. The Dream Masters
6. Desert Storm
7. Dragonslide
8. The Fire Within
9. The Prince Of Slides
10. Dead Man Sliding
11. State Of The Art
12. Season's Greedings
13. Murder Most Foul
14. Slide Like An Egyptian
15. Paradise Lost
16. The Exodus, part one
17. The Exodus, part two
18. Sole Survivors
19. The Breeder
20. The Last Eden
21. The Other Slide Of Darkness
22. Slither
23. Stoker
24. This Slide Of Paradise
25. Dinoslide

* Plus a selection of Bonus Extras

Sliders - Season Three DVD

The third season of the cult FOX TV series Sliders (later contined on the Sci Fi Channel) is now available on DVD!

This four disc DVD set features all 25 episodes from Sliders Season Three (1996/1997).

Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell), Wade (Sabrina Lloyd), Professor Arturo (John Rhys-Davies), and Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks) continue their adventures, traveling from universe to universe in the complete Third Season of Sliders.

Along the way, the friends encounter tornadoes, droughts, wizards, warlocks and even Quinn's own younger self.

Kari Wuhrer joined the show part-way through the third season, playing scientist Maggie Beckett. This season also features guest stars like Corey Feldman and Danny Masterson.

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Sliders TV series on DVD

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