Ricky Gervais Live: Animals (DVD)

The star and co-creator of the BBC hit TV comedy series The Office now brings his unique brand of comedy to the live stage in a one man show.

In this DVD, recorded live at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, Ricky Gervais gives his own unique insight into the animal kingdom...

Amazon.co.uk Review:
Remarkably for someone who doesn't claim to be either an actor or a professional stand-up comic, Ricky Gervais has now triumphed in both fields.

Animals Live is his one-man show at London's Bloomsbury Theatre during which the star of The Office ("That's two BAFTA Awards") presents a "lecture" on the animal kingdom in a shameless bid to inherit David Attenborough's mantle, since the old boy is getting on a bit and can't last forever.

The subject is loose and broad enough to allow for plenty of digressions and amiable ramblings about sex, childhood, war and, of course, more sex.
There's something of Eddie Izzard's style in Gervais's approach, especially noticeable when he dissects the Biblical Genesis story for its absurdities; and he has also learned lessons from the father of his Office co-star Lucy Davis, Jasper Carrott.

In the best segment, and one that's pure Carrott Confidential, Gervais reads out genuine animal "facts" from a website and comments gleefully upon them.

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