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World in Union Gallery #2
World in Union Photos #3
November 2003
World in Union Gallery #4

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WIU Photo Gallery #3

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(Photos courtesy of Melinda, Hamish, Luis & Dave ;-)

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World in Union #21
“Come & have a go if you think
you're hard enough, mate!”
- The Beautiful Game
World in Union #22
Viva The Beautiful Game
- The company
World in Union #23
Parlezvouz Francais?
- Alan & his French Maid, Kate H
World in Union #24
“Flaming heck, she's so boring!”
Le Grand Boom Boom - Kate R & Darrel
World in Union #25
 The old dears, Sleeping on our Own
- Talia, Rachael & Jemma
World in Union #26
“Is this the office of silly hats?”
Embassy Lament - The guys
World in Union #27
“A fresh towel for madam?!”
The Germans at the Spa - The girls
World in Union #28
Officially known as 'the Timaru' pose ;-)
The Germans at the Spa

World in Union #29
Three in the bed, and the little one said...
Two Ladies - Rachael, John & Jemma
World in Union #30
“Ve haff vays of making you high kick!”
Springtime for Hitler - James & co.
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