Duran Duran - Arena on DVD
Arena DVD includes 'The Making of Arena', featuring Concepts and windmills, Costumes, choreography & make-up, Hanging around robots, Milo & stilts, and Blowing it all up!

The newly reunited Duran Duran!

Duran Duran DVD - Arena
Featuring Arena (An Absurd Notion),
the movie starring Duran Duran,
plus The Making of Arena.

With Duran Duran known for their ground breaking music videos, Arena took the idea a step further - mixing those songs and videos with a futeristic storyline.

Arena is a science fiction extravaganza directed by Russell Mulcahy and features the songs Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, Union Of The Snake, Save A Prayer, The Wild Boys, Planet Earth, Careless Memories, Girls On Film, The Reflex and Rio.

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