* Sylvia - DVD of the Movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow & Daniel Craig

The biting poetry and sad life of poet Sylvia Plath form this story starring Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia, now on DVD. (This film was partly shot in Otago, New Zealand, including Karitane and my home city of Dunedin, and was directed by kiwi Christine Jeffs).

This subtle but fascinating movie centers around Plath's relationship with poet Ted Hughes, with whom she fell aggressively in love while a student at Cambridge.

Their relationship proved passionate but rocky; many of Plath's fans blame the depression that eventually led her to suicide on Hughes's infidelity.

Sylvia doesn't let Hughes off the hook, but it doesn't paint Plath as a helpless victim either. Paltrow's superb performance captures the poet's fierce jealousy and artistic ambition as much as her debilitating sorrow.

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