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Kenwood Smoothie Maker

* Kenwood Smoothie Maker (SB206)

Smoothies are the milkshakes of the new millennium.   As well as being very tasty, they can be healthy too.  Have delicious fruit drinks on tap with a Smoothie machine!

Smoothies are a great way of getting kids (and adults) to enjoy their daily dose of fruit.

The Kenwood SB206 is a New York style Smoothie Maker, designed to cope with fruit and ice as well as milk and other liquids. The wide funnel-shaped goblet means everything falls neatly onto the blades and makes it easy to clean as well.

There's a special tap too, so you don't have to tip everything up to get your smoothie out.

For anyone who appreciates the benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, blending their own yoghurt drinks, or making fresh fruit cocktails, the Kenwood SB206 Smoothie Maker is a must...

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