Apple ipod Shuffle Metal:Apple iPod Shuffle mp3 music player

iPod Shuffle mp3 Music Player!

Apple's iPod Shuffle is tiny and very light

* Apple iPod Shuffle Metal (ishuffle)
- 2nd Generation

The famous ipod just got smaller!

Apple's 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle is one of the world's smallest music player, but capable of holding hundreds of songs...

iPod shuffle is extremely light - weighs about the same as a car key - and is the size of a matchbox.

Take your music with you anywhere for up to 12 hours of skip-free playback.  Connect to your Mac or PC to quickly and easily transfer mp3 songs.

Apple's ishuffle * USA Customers: Click below to Order the 1 GB iPod Shuffle (holds up to 240 songs) here, through Amazon US or UK.

Order the Apple Shuffle iPod from Order the Apple Shuffle iPod from Amazon UK

Simple controls in a small package

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