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Gallery #8: Our Time Cabaret
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2002
Gallery #10: More Staff

* Gallery 1: Camplife

* Gallery 2: Out & About

* Gallery 3: Group Shots

* Gallery 4: More Groups

* Gallery 5: Freakshow!

* Gallery 6: The Shows

* Gallery 7: More Shows

* Gallery 8: Cabaret

Gallery 9: Staff Shots

* Gallery 10: More Staff

* Bonus: Campers' Shots

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Staff Shots #1
We're supposed to look Hawaiian,
but look more like Mafia rejects ;-)
Staff Shots #2
Caro, Joe & Dave try to join in on
the post-Cabaret tears session
Staff Shots #3
Silent Shaun & Joe console each other
Staff Shots #4
The staff “Good & Evil” party...
- Spot which is which?!
Staff Shots #5

Fairy Sarah and Broooooce just can't
keep up the evil facade for long! :-)

Staff Shots #6
Death warmed up
- Granny Karen and Dave
Staff Shots #7
“We're just trying to move the bar a bit”
- Al, Kate, and Lucy
Staff Shots #8
Where's that Buffy when you need her?!
Staff Shots #9
Things look calm & quiet out on the deck
Staff Shots #10
“We're gonna shave your head next!”
- Dave and the Polish gang
Staff Shots #11
Chris finds his “secret pal” - Fairy Sarah
Staff Shots #12
“Has anyone seen our Babs?!”
(3/4 of the “Tapestry” team)
Gallery #8: Our Time Cabaret
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Gallery #10: More Staff