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Gallery #3: Group Shots
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2002
Gallery #5: Freakshow!

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Group Shots #11
“Easy girls... There's enough of me for
all of you!” - Jesse & his fanclub
Group Shots #12
“And this was my bedroom last summer”
- Former camper Brett's personal tours!
Group Shots #13
Aw... Don't they make a cute couple?!
- Michael & Lara return for a visit
Group Shots #14
Barrymore Bruce finds a couple of
kids who will actually listen to him ;-)
Group Shots #15
“I'll be with you in 2 minutes...”
- Erich auditions co-stars for his show
Group Shots #16
“You're driving me up the wall!”
- Alecz, Jon, Kyle & Daniel
Group Shots #17
Tapestry stars Jillian & Amy pick up Kitty for a New York shopping trip...
Group Shots #18
And again at the hotel with Kitty on
the other side of the camera!
Gallery #3: Group Shots
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Gallery #5: Freakshow!