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Gallery #9: Staff Shots
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2002
Bonus Gallery: Campers' Shots

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* Bonus: Campers' Shots

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Staff Shots #13

Michal & co. practice travel
techniques for New York's subway

Staff Shots #14
An Eastern European night out
at Morris's bar
Staff Shots #15
“You're just taking a little off the sides, right?” - Resident barber, Wojtek
Staff Shots #16

“Everybody, Pile On!!!” - Betty-Lou, Alicja, Dave, Michal and Marcin

Staff Shots #17

Enjoying an evening beside the lake

Staff Shots #18
“Is that my camera in your hand?!”
- Trish and Dave
Staff Shots #19
Fellow Kiwi, Tess returns to
Stagedoor after a year's break
Staff Shots #20

“Don't have too much fun without us!”
Someone's gotta stay & tie up loose ends

Staff Shots #21
“But some of us are stuck here
for another month!!”
Staff Shots #22
Bright Lights, Big City!
- Chris, Colm, Kitty and Wills
Staff Shots #23
“Yeh New York! Jealous!”
- Kitty with Dave and Chris
Staff Shots #24
The sociable staff meet for an Indian
meal on our first night back in NYC
Gallery #9: Staff Shots
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