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Gallery #6: Staff Shots
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2001

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* Stagedoor Alumni *

* The Battery's Down
Web Musical Comedy Series (starring Nina Sturtz & Directed by Connor Gallagher - Campers)

* Erich Bergen - Camper

* Sebastian Stan - Camper

* Skylar Astin - Camper

* Morgan Karr - Camper

* Kyle Golemba - Camper

* Hair on Broadway (Producer: Andy Sandberg - Camper)

* Shifting Ground
(Julie Kleiner, Dana Steingold,
Liana Stampur, Malissa O'Donnell
- Campers)

* Doug Quinn - Staff

* Meet Me at the Stagedoor (Brad Simmons & Jacob Brent - Staff)

* Louis Centanni - Camper

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Staff Shots #13
A few of the staff at one of the DJ Dances
(c) Dorky Poses Inc.
Staff Shots #14
"Dave... This photo is going to
turn out sooooo bad!" ;-)
Staff Shots #15
Karen, JV & Kate switch genders
for the Staff concert
Staff Shots #16
Marilyn (JV) meets Elvis (Al)
Staff Shots #17
"Wawa rocks our world!" - JV & Dave
(It's a New Jersey thing! ;-)
Staff Shots #18
All the fun of the New York subway...
Megan & Dave on the way to the Yankees
Staff Shots #19
The staff winnings at the end of the
day at Six Flags Adventure Park
Staff Shots #20
Another tough day of lawnmowing
- Groundsmen Kornel & Szillard
Staff Shots #21
The guys from "Stagedoor Stomp 2001"
Staff Shots #22
King JV and the Poolside Mafia
Staff Shots #23
At a Mickey D's in NYC, post-camp...
Staff Shots #24
And the other half of our group...
Gallery #6: Staff Shots
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