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Gallery #5: The Shows
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2001
Gallery #7: More Staff

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* Gallery 5: The Shows

Gallery 6: Staff Shots

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Staff Shots #1
Shattered, but happy!
The annual Six Flags park visit
Staff Shots #2
Stacey pops back to camp
to drive Trish to New York
Staff Shots #3
The official Prop Tarts & co.
Cheerleading squad
Staff Shots #4
At last... JV, Bryn & Dave find a drinkable
beer in the USA!... Fosters ;-)
Staff Shots #5
Who needs chairs when you've got stairs?
Staff Shots #6
We couldn't sit together at the Yankees
game, so we took this at McD's instead ;-)
Staff Shots #7
The official Stagedoor greeting team,
ready for action
Staff Shots #8
"Hi De Hi Campers!"
Steve & Joe get ready for the assault
Staff Shots #9
JV & Al try out the "Joey mask"
Staff Shots #10
Chris finds his 'Mini-Me"!
Staff Shots #11
The Roomies '01 - Steve, JV & Dave
Staff Shots #12
The whole Video Crew at the
dodgy bar down the road from camp
Gallery #5: The Shows
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Gallery 5: The Shows
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Gallery #7: More Staff