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Gallery #3: More Groups
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2001
Gallery #5: The Shows

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* Gallery 2: Group Shots

* Gallery 3: More Groups

Gallery 4: Cabaret

* Gallery 5: The Shows

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Cabaret #1
Exercising the vocal cords
on the way to the theatre!
Cabaret #2
"Hey... Whatcha doin' after the show?"
- Fazio finds a soulmate ;-)
Cabaret #3
"We're tired... Can't we just
stay here the night??"
Cabaret #4
Rehearsing those Disney smiles!
Cabaret #5
How many people can we fit
onto one bus seat?
Cabaret #6
Another successful performance
Gallery #3: More Groups
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Gallery 3: More Groups
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Gallery #5: The Shows