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Gallery #2: Group Shots
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2001
Gallery #4: Cabaret

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* Gallery 2: Group Shots

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Group Shots #13
A visit on Wendy's on the way
back from the Sunday movies trip...
Group Shots #14
And again...
The downstairs gang are a bit hungrier...
Group Shots #15
Dave joins in on the tough class
"Hanging out by the Pool 101"
Group Shots #16
"We are all just good friends!"...
Group Shots #17
A Phenomenom technically known
as "the Grind Line"... ;-)
Group Shots #18
Don'tcha just lurve those blue T's?!
(Stagedoor invade the Multiplex)
Group Shots #19
Chris is ambushed by his fanclub...
Group Shots #20
Music Director David tries to
blend in as a teenager...
Group Shots #21
The honorary residents of the Staff Wing
(after their floor caved in! ;-)
Group Shots #22
Awww.... What a luverly couple ;-)
- Michael & Lara
Group Shots #23
"We're not too sure about this food" ;-)
- Robbie O, Seth, & Dave
Group Shots #24
A few of the campers that met us
post-camp at the Official Staff Irish Pub
Gallery #2: Group Shots
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Gallery #4: Cabaret