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Gallery #1: Characters
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2001
Gallery #3: More Groups

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* Stagedoor Alumni *

* The Battery's Down
Web Musical Comedy Series (starring Nina Sturtz & Directed by Connor Gallagher - Campers)

* Erich Bergen - Camper

* Sebastian Stan - Camper

* Skylar Astin - Camper

* Morgan Karr - Camper

* Kyle Golemba - Camper

* Hair on Broadway (Producer: Andy Sandberg - Camper)

* Shifting Ground
(Julie Kleiner, Dana Steingold,
Liana Stampur, Malissa O'Donnell
- Campers)

* Doug Quinn - Staff

* Meet Me at the Stagedoor (Brad Simmons & Jacob Brent - Staff)

* Louis Centanni - Camper

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Group Shots #1
"Come on & sing along y'all!"
Jordan & co. audition for Popstars 3
Group Shots #2
Hiding out in Barrymore during
Performance Weekend
Group Shots #3
Ok... We've got the picnic table ready...
Now where's the food?
Group Shots #4
Zac, Jon, Stefan, and Julie visit
"the space formerly known as The Barn"
Group Shots #5
"Settle down girls... There's enough for everyone!" - Kevin with his fanclub
Group Shots #6
Another tough day in "Free Swim" class
Group Shots #7
Dave's "upstairs" gang (Session 3)
win a lunch out at Wendy's
Group Shots #8
And a few days later with the
"downstairs" bunch at Pizza Hutt!
Group Shots #9
Danny, Sam & Eric pose for the paparazzi
Group Shots #10
... And the whole 'Prada Gang' together!
Group Shots #11
A quiet night on the Barrymore stairs
- Chris, Mike, and Daniel
Group Shots #12
"Every night's Taint night in Room 413!"
(What the heck's a taint?? - Don't Ask!! ;-)
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Gallery #3: More Groups