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Gallery #5: Out & About
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2000

* Gallery 1: The Shows

* Gallery 2: More Shows

* Gallery 3: Group Shots

* Gallery 4: More Groups

* Gallery 5: Out & About

Gallery 6: Staff Shots

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Staff Shots #1
The premier Counselors - 2000 ;-)
Dave, Campbell, Doug & Mark
Staff Shots #2
Last call for the New York bus!...
Staff Shots #3
See! We didn't just bring t-shirts
and jeans with us...
Staff Shots #4
As easy as that!
Jill gets sunstroke & marries Dave
Staff Shots #5
"We're just here for moral support!"
The 'Props Tarts' at the soccer match
Staff Shots #6
Our staff enjoy eating good healthy
food on their days off
Staff Shots #7
The legendary production team for"Nine"
Dave, Jeff (Director) & Sabynn
Staff Shots #8
Sheila (MD) & Charlie (Dr) pose with
Jordan, Sara and Tricia
Staff Shots #9
Wet but happy...!
The end of a daytrip to Six Flags Park
Staff Shots #10
With 'honorary staff' Shawn & Brandee,
who worked at the nearby resort hotel
Kutschers - one of Stagedoor's cabaret performance venues
Gallery #5: Out & About
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Gallery 5: Out & About
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