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Gallery #4: More Groups
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2000
Gallery #6: Staff Shots

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Out & About #1
"I'll get it!..." - Jonah & Jessie
battle for the invisible volleyball
Out & About #2
Erich's exclusive concerts were very
popular with his large group of fans
Out & About #3
A day to remember!...
Jessie persuades Mike to 'tie the knot'
Out & About #4
Now, that's what a room should look like!
Brett, Ryan & Josh show off their work
Out & About #5
Obviously a quiet day at camp... Shelby
decides to sing Seb the shaving serenade
Out & About #6
And you thought they looked scary in
the daylight! - Rachael & Max
Out & About #7
Charlie's Angels!
- Lauren, Nora & Karen
Out & About #8
"Eet's okay girls... I'll look after ya!"
Oz lifeguard Bryn with Lauren & Malorie
Out & About #9
"It's okay ladies... I'll look after vou!"
French Luke with Liana & Allison
Out & About #10
"Aaaaah!!! It's really him!!!!"
Erich's fanclub get a bit excited
Out & About #11
With the awards ceremony over, it's
the late night photo/autograph session
Out & About #12
One final group shot before Barb sends
everyone off to their rooms... (2:45 am:-)
Gallery #4: More Groups
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Gallery #6: Staff Shots