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Gallery #3: Group Shots
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2000
Gallery #5: Out & About

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Group Shots #11
A bunch of happy campers relax after a few too many hot dogs and burgers
Group Shots #12
Jake, Sam, Sari & Amanda try to fake "happy and enthusiastic" for the camera
Group Shots #13
"It's okay girls... I'm in charge now!"
Brett assumes the role of 'Camp Dad'
Group Shots #14
Waiting for the folks to arrive...
Connor, Allison & Mike
Group Shots #15
Some early campers return to see the final shows - Michael, Eric, Lara & Sam
Group Shots #16
The 3rd session residents of the legendary "419" - Jon, Andy & Max
Group Shots #17
A final gathering on the driveway
Group Shots #18
French Luke tries to show off his strength
Group Shots #19
A few of my great session 3 campers
- Jeff, Yale and Rob
Group Shots #20
Aw... Jon and Nina...
Gallery #3: Group Shots
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Gallery 3: Group Shots
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Gallery #5: Out & About