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Gallery #2: More Shows
Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2000
Gallery #4: More Groups

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Group Shots #1
A typical Stagedoor day
on the steps of Barrymore
Group Shots #2
Erich demonstrates his form of Yoga
Group Shots #3
Promo shot for failed sitcom pilot
"6 Guys, 6 Girls, and a Summer Camp"
(ABC went with some pizza show instead)
Group Shots #4
Some of the female counselors,
hard at work on the steps of Camelot.
(Notice the lack of kids!... )
Group Shots #5
Teddy & the Bear-hug picnic
(Teddy's 3rd from the right ;-)
Group Shots #6
Camelot & co. with the remnants of the
'Bubble Machine', at the outdoor dance
Group Shots #7
The Masterclass students
audition as extras on Roswell
Group Shots #8
A group of campers desperately
try to escape from a cheesy pose
Group Shots #9
"We interrupt our busy schedules
with a spot of sunbathing!"
Group Shots #10
Another year of camp comes to an end
Gallery #2: More Shows
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Gallery #4: More Groups