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Stagedoor Manor Photos
Summer 2000
Gallery #2: More Shows

Gallery 1: The Shows

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* Gallery 3: Group Shots

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Nine #1
"I'm ready for my close-up now...!"
Jill puts on her best serious face in Nine
Sweet Charity #2
"Oh... Do the Hokey Tokey..."
The cast of Sweet Charity in full swing
Nine #2
Would you buy a used car from this pair?
Kailey & Mike in Nine
Sweet Charity #2
"Do ya come here often?"
Sweet Charity cast take things easy
Nine #3
With the talented gals from Nine
Nine #4
Allison & Stacey after a successful show!
"Please give generously..."
Michael leads the cast of Celebration
Jerry's Girls #1
Sam, Dana and Caroline play dressup
- Jerry's Girls
Jerry's Girls #2
"We're still not sure about this contract..."
Kat & Angie from Jerry's Girls
Jerry's Girls #3
"Do you think we're a little overdressed
for the Prom?" - a few more Jerry's Girls
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Gallery 2: More Shows
Gallery #2: More Shows