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Gallery #4: Stafflife 1
Appel Farm Camp Photos
Summer 1999

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* Gallery 4: Stafflife 1

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Stafflife #9
Romana, Jim and littleBill get into character at the 'Good & Evil' dance
Stafflife #10
"So... Do you gals come here often?"...
Jolien & Jess fall victim to Dave's lines
Stafflife #11
"We are looking hip & funky, no?"...
International style gurus:
Thomasz (Poland), Mark (Oz) & Jim (UK)
Stafflife #12
Methinks the kegs are nearly empty...!
Stafflife #13
Josh & Woijeck abandon the kids on the
beach, and go in search of ice-cream
Stafflife #14
"Sorry, It's our night off"
The kitchen staff refuse to whip up
a Chocolate cake for Dave
Gallery #4: Stafflife 1
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Gallery 4: Stafflife 1
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