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Gallery #3: Let's Eat!
Appel Farm Camp Photos
Summer 1999
Gallery #5: Stafflife2

* Gallery 1: Camplife 1

* Gallery 2: Camplife 2

* Gallery 3: Let's Eat!

Gallery 4: Stafflife 1

* Gallery 5: Stafflife 2

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Stafflife #1
An International lineup...
Thomasz (Poland), Ovidiu (Romania),
Jim (England), Ali (New York: honorary counselor ;-) and Mark (Australia)
Stafflife #2
An intense late-night game of poker
at the staff Coffee House
Stafflife #3
"Don't worry... It looks great!"
Shaun gives Sabrina a makeover...
Stafflife #4
"Howdee Pardners!" - Jolien, Peter &
Suzanne show off their fantastic
tyre-tube and wire mesh creations
Stafflife #5
Would you trust this lot to serve your dinner?! - The staff waiters and
waitresses at the Camper Banquet
Stafflife #6
Awww... Louise makes a new friend
at the County Fair... :-)
Stafflife #7
"Yo, DJ... I can't dance to that!"
- DJ Dave spins a poptastic mix...
Stafflife #8
"Is it morning yet??" - Ben & Christina
await their '2nd wind' at the staff dance
Gallery #3: Let's Eat!
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Gallery 3: Let's Eat!
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Gallery #5: Stafflife2