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Gallery #2: Camplife 2
Appel Farm Camp Photos
Summer 1999
Gallery #4: Stafflife1

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* Gallery 2: Camplife 2

Gallery 3: Let's Eat!

* Gallery 4: Stafflife 1

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Let's Eat! #1
The Kiwi trio prepare for the crowds
at International Day (1st session)
Let's Eat! #2
... And the dodgy Aussie gang, who
stole half of our food ideas!
Let's Eat! #3
"Look! No fingers!"
Southern gal Heidi cooks up a treat
Let's Eat! #4
The UK duo of Jim & Jemma decide on "chips" as the official British dish... (New Yorker Ali looks happy to have been roped in on potato-peeling duties!)
Let's Eat! #5
Femke, Dave & Joe give a workshop on cooking kiwi Anzac biscuits
(rough translation: chocolate cookies :-)
Let's Eat! #6
Steve & Danny offer up a bizarre snack known as "Fluffa Nuttas" (peanut butter on bread, covered with liquid marshmallow... Go figure!)
Let's Eat! #7
Kathy, Joe & Dave take traditional Maori protocols to new depths at
International Day, 2nd session
Let's Eat! #8
The New Yorkers/honorary NYers
Michelle, Jacqueline, Jason & Aaron
Let's Eat! #9
Trying the County Fair delicacy known as "Funnel Cake" - Fabbo stuff!!
Let's Eat! #10
Two Guys, Three Girls, & a Pizza Place...
(Sabrina, Dave, Cedric, Joe & Melissa)
Gallery #2: Camplife 2
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Gallery #4: Stafflife1