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Gallery #1: Camplife 1
Appel Farm Camp Photos
Summer 1999
Gallery #3: Let's Eat!

* Gallery 1: Camplife 1

Gallery 2: Camplife 2

* Gallery 3: Let's Eat!

* Gallery 4: Stafflife 1

* Gallery 5: Stafflife 2

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Jerry's Girls #4
"If I crouch down really low like this, do I pass for a 'Southie'??"
Listen to the Wind #1
"Hey Dave, That's a neat trick!
I think I'll try it too!"
Listen to the Wind #2
The Victorious Camper Soccer team...
Midsummer Night's Dream #1
... And the Depressed Losing Staff side!
Midsummer Night's Dream #2
Cast members of my 2nd show "The
Drunkard" in surprisingly happy mood ;-)
Midsummer Night's Dream #3
Two stars of the future!... Talented singer/songwriter Yoni, & Elise (our Maria in 1st session's "Sound of Music")
Our Time Cabaret #1
The staff collapse around the fire
after another fun day of camplife ;-)
Our Time Cabaret #2
"Oh please, just 1 more photo..."
(they'll try anything to stay up later!)
Our Time Cabaret #3
The bridge by candlelight - Staff line up to farewell the first session campers...
Our Time Cabaret #4
... And repeat the process in Session Two!
Listen to the Wind #3
"Now guys... You're supposed to be having fun down on the Beach - Not hiding out in the Pizza shop!"
- Cedric & Michelle round up the campers
Listen to the Wind #3
"They must be around here somewhere!"
- Joe and Peter find the buses, but
lose the campers
Gallery #1: Camplife 1
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Gallery #3: Let's Eat!