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Hey there! I spend my time juggling my work duties, with TV, Music, Theatre, and the Internet

I live in the city of Dunedin, which is in the lower half of the South Island in New Zealand.

New Zealand (aka Middle Earth!) is in the southern Pacific Ocean, 1,600km east of Australia(that's right - nowhere near Africa, "Scotchland" or Iceland! ;-)

NZ is 268,000 km in size, but has a population of around 4.1 million people (& millions of sheep!)

Dunedin, New ZealandNo, that's not my house! ;-) - It's actually Otago University

I'm currently working as a News and Sports Reporter for national New Zealand network TV3.

I previously worked as Executive Producer & backup newsreader for 9 Local News, on Dunedin's local tv station Channel 9.

3 News, New ZealandChannel 9 Television, Dunedin

I also spent a few years living in Luton (England), travelling around Europe, and working at Summer Camps in the USA.

I also worked at Southern Television (part of the Horizon Pacific TV Network), while training at the Otago Institute of Television, Theatre & Radio.


Trying to do a piece to cam in one take (3 News)A whale beaching on Stewart Island (3 News)

Reading 'Southern Newsweek' at Dunedin's Channel 9 Southern Sting Final 2003 (3News)

Interviewing the (now) Prime Minister of NZ
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